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So here are a couple of 2nd Amendment related bills I would strongly encourage you all to read up on and write your representatives about. I have included some links so you can find your representative as well as direct links to each bill and the main "introduced bills page" in Arizona.

Find Your Representative:

Arizona State Legislature - Introduced Bills

Now into the bills..........

This bill is put together to make Arizona a Second Amendment Sanctuary state. Hopefully you all know that in Feb. 2020, Maricopa County was made into a 2A Sanctuary County. Well this bill looks to expand that and make AZ a sanctuary state. This would stop and overreach at the federal level on our 2A rights and would follow suit with states like Alaska, Mississippi, Texas, etc. It is still unsure how strong this bill may be against the federal government, but it is a strong step in the right direction to show the Biden administration that we will stand against his radical gun agenda.

So this bill relates to the rules and regulations that a firearms dealer must follow to prevent a straw purchase. Unfortunately, these sneaky bastards have tried to sneak in a line to limit the amount of gun purchases an individual can make in a month.
Read the bill and take a look at line 11 on page 2 and line 6 on page 3.
These both state that you, yes you, the law abiding citizen, will be restricted from purchasing more than 1 firearm a month!!

I strongly urge all of you that read this to write your representative. Now is not a time to be silent. We must all be vigilant and stand up for our rights. The point of our elected officials is that they work for us. In order to be re-elected they must stand up for what their district believes in. So please, write your reps and let them know where you stand.
Yeah, me as well. I have been on their mailing list for years. Finally signed up for a membership. It's more important than every to support these types of groups
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