Right now as I'm writing this I'm in the Southern part of the People's Republic of California, near a sister city to Hanoi. Commonly known as Los Angeles. More accurately Temecula. But people look at me strange when I tell them Temecula, so I simply say L.A. and that seems to satisfy most. I'm JUST VISITING though. If it weren't for so many freedoms being lost everytime you turn around I could live here.

Joe made mention of this new forum he started for the gun community of the southwest which is why I'm here. My main hangout is either NWFA, 1911forum.com or m4carbine.net. I will check in here from time to time and may even have a thing or two to add.

Good luck
Welcome aboard! Googled Temacula! " Sun rising through the mist", so now it's smog. I can imagine what a beautiful place it was once!

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