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I agree, thank Goodness I enjoy both.
I also love the country side in France.
The wine, the harvest.
Always great to come back to home in AZ however. No place in the world like the USAπŸ¦‚πŸ¦žπŸ”πŸŒ­πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Came to Phoenix in 1978 for Christmas shut down at the chemical plant.
Spent 5 days wearing shorts in December. When back made demands of my employer, which they ignored, left after my 2 week notice. Been in Arizona ever since.
Texas weather is detestable - the humidity is beyond sickening. Furthermore, Arizona has it ALL OVER Texas when it comes to public shooting ranges and hunting opportunities in spite of the hype that is often written about Texas...

Unfortunately I am stuck here for now for reasons beyond my control.
Both TX and AZ are shooter friendly, that's what matters!
There is no comparison - Arizona has fantastic public shooting ranges (Ben Avery / Rio Salado to name a few) with covered concrete benches, actual Range Officers watching your back for you, and one low price for all day shooting. And there are myriad places to shoot Wild West Style on BLM land - just drive up, get out of your car, and start shooting.

Texas may have Whitetails but Arizona has Whitetails, Mule Deer AND Elk (yes you have to get drawn but you do NOT have to pay someone to hunt their land for deer that may or may not actually be there, that they do not own). In Texas, unless you or your family owns land or you have a friend that owns land, you are not going hunting unless you pay, and it isn't cheap by any means. Lastly, a person can hunt Coyote and Javalina out in the desert in Arizona with only a hunting permit.

I lived in Arizona for 30-years and I have been living in Texas for 10-years - there is no comparison whatsoever. I was stunned after moving here to learn all of this first hand.

My advise if you are a hunter and/or avid shooter living in Arizona - thank your lucky stars!

Sincerely - no offense to anyone it is just the facts. Yes, I miss Arizona.
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I have family in Texas and when I want to shoot I go to the ranch and find out where the cows are and then use another part of the 600 acres to shoot. The land can be pretty flat and I use large caliber toys. Have to be very aware about the field of fire. Big toys carry a long way.
Last time I was there I asked about wild hog hunting. The neighbor gave me his old jeep and a map. I could not load one of them so heavy. The neighbor was very pleased an sent his boy out with a tractor and loader. Ya all come back now.
Of course it helps a lot that my family has had the ground next to his for about 70 years.
I agree about the weather, the changes almost make you think your somewhere else.
I am not much of a brisket fan and I have had the so-called best there is at Franklin's. I much prefer a boneless choice chuck shoulder spit roasted over mesquite to a perfect 125-degree rare, sliced thin, and served with mushroom gravy. Fords and Chevys!
Well thanks for sharing that mouth watering visual...πŸ™

I see your chuck shoulder and raise you a pair of ribeye cap steaks cooked 3 min a side on a cast iron grill over flame then flipped every few minutes till 125 of course and shared with someone who loves great cuts of beef cooked to perfection. Costco in Tucson doesn't sell the cap steaks yet but other locations do. They are the end of a rib eye roast tied like a bacon wrapped filet.

Now it's dinner time ...

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