After over two years of development, I'm happy to announce that we're finally close to rolling out the new version of the Southwest Firearms Classified System! This new system includes many new features and improvements, a few which our members have been asking about for quite some time. Most new features will be enabled on launch day, with others to follow as things move forward.

Information on general use and most of the new features can be found in the Classifieds System Help Topics.

As of now, beta access is enabled for testing and evaluation purposes. You can access the new system by clicking the Classifieds (Beta) navigation tab. As the welcome message says, please let me know about any issues, ideas, questions, or feedback via conversation. Once we've received enough feedback and feel confident that the system is stable, we will begin the migration from the old system to the new system.

I'll be updating this thread as we go, so be sure to click that Watch button and check back often :)
Tomorrow is the big day!

The following conversation went out to all members this week, but I'm posting it here for those who have joined since. I've also added a bit of info which you may find helpful :s0155:

I'm happy to announce that we've set a tentative date for making the switch to the new Classifieds System! If all goes well, we will be updating and moving to Phase 3 of 4 on the morning of August 8th.

Just before the update we will remove all test ads from the new Classifieds System, so please feel free to experiment between now and then. Unfortunately, members will need to re-post their ads in the new system once the update is complete. Old ads will remain open for a short period of time to facilitate re-posting. Afterward, all old ads will be archived, so please re-post your ads ASAP.

While we've gone to great lengths to make this new system as intuitive as possible, I encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the new system in order to hit the ground running

Phase 3 Details

In this phase we go live with the new classifieds system. During this phase most functions of the old classifieds system will be disabled, and members will be encouraged to migrate old ads to the new classifieds system.

What changes will I see?
  • New Classifieds System: All classifieds data from the open beta will be removed. Members may begin posting real ads.
  • Old Classifieds System:
    • Posting ads will be disabled.
    • Replying to ads will be disabled.
    • Bumping ads will be disabled.
  • Old Classifieds System Category View Pages:
    • New notice letting members know they're viewing the old classifieds system.
    • Post New Ad button will be replaced with a button linking to the New Classifieds System.
  • Old Classifieds System Ad View:
    • All Members: New notice letting members know they're viewing the old classifieds system.
    • Ad Owners: New notice asking if the item is still available with instructions to repost the ad in the new classifieds system or lock the ad.
  • Other:
    • Navigation: Classifieds tab for the old system will be removed. Classifieds (Beta) tab will be renamed Classifieds.
    • Sidebar: New Classified Ads widget for the old system will be removed. Classifieds (Beta) widget will be renamed New Classified Ads.
    • What's New Pages: New Classifieds tab for the old system will be removed. New Classifieds (Beta) tab will be renamed New Classified Ads.
    • Account Visitor Menu: Your Classifieds link will be renamed Your Classifieds (old). Your Classifieds (Beta) link will be renamed Your Classifieds.
    • Member Stats: Ads (Beta) stat will be renamed Classified Ads.
    • Member Profile Pages: Classified Ads (Beta) tab will be renamed Classified Ads.
    • Forum List: Temporary block with links to old classifieds system categories will be added above the Announcements section.
Where can I find my old ads?
  • Desktop / Large Tablet
    1. Hover over or click your username near the top right corner of the screen.
    2. Click the Your Classifieds (old) link.

  • Mobile / Small Tablet
    1. Tap the Account button on the mobile bar at the bottom of the screen.
    2. Tap the Your Classifieds (old) link.

How can I view the old classifieds system?
  • We have added a temporary block below the links to the new classifieds system categories on the main forum page with links to the old classifieds system sections. This block will be removed when we archive our old classifieds system.

We've been through enough of these to know that there will be bugs and issues. The hardest part is always getting people to actually report them. If you encounter a potential bug or issue, please don't hesitate to open a ticket, even if it seems minor. Once reported, we will work to get these resolved as soon as possible.

Feel free to reply to this conversation directly with any questions, comments, concerns, feedback, etc.

Joe Link
Apologies for the delay, that was far more work than anticipated!

The new system is live and I'm happy to report that things went well :s0155:

As always, please let me know if you run into any issues.

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