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New Browning Buckmark Challenge Rosewood

Yesterday I took a trip to the local Sportsman's Warehouse to look around, and see if they had anything I couldn't live without. They always seem to have a really nice selection of guns, and many of them are a cut above a lot of the, run of the mill stuff Cabela's, and other have. Especially in regards to rimfire rifles and pistols. I spotted this Browning Challenge Rosewood Model in the case, and asked to take a look at it. This model Buckmark is still produced by Browning, but you don't see a lot of them. This model has a round, turned barrel, and is made to look like the older discontinued Browning Challenger Model. Except it has beautiful Oak Leaf pattern Rosewood laminated grips, and a really nice set of target grade adjustable rear sights, along with a fiber optic front. After I picked it up, it was hard to put it down, the thing felt so good in my hand. And it pointed like a laser. Very similar to my Colt Woodsman in that regard.

You know the rest of the story. It somehow managed to follow me home. When my wife saw it, she absolutely loved it. This is one of those guns that attract you, even though you don't really "need" it. This brings the total to 4 Buckmark's in my collection. I think the Browning Buckmark is one of the few mid priced .22 semi auto's out there, that still represents a link to the kind of craftsmanship you saw back in the 70's in .22 auto's. Before all the plastic came along. And I have never had ANY of my Buckmarks that didn't feed ammo well. And all of them are usually very accurate doing it. After they wrote me up, I saw a Browning BL-22 Grade II with the silver finished receiver, high grade wood, and the octagon barrel. I have to say it was one of the most beautiful .22 rifles I ever handled.... And it's got me thinking. But for now I'm going to let myself enjoy this beautiful new Buckmark. And the $50.00 rebate Browning is currently offering, made it all that much sweeter!




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