Nevada Nevada Sheriff Facing Recall over His Plans to Enforce Red Flag Law

It gets in the way of the destruction of Individual Liberty, so it had to be flushed. Stalin, Mao, Adam Schiffhead and Chucky Bullschumer have no problem with that. Bunghole O'Rourke is over there, out of the picture, filling his BVDs and smiling like a mental patient.

They have zero to worry about since they are opted out of laws they make for the people who voted them into office......they need to have the same laws affect them and the people should vote on the laws for all............


. . . the people should vote on the laws for all............
We kind o' do that by electing our chosen candidates. The politicos campaign, they tell us what we want to hear, we put our faith and trust in them and if they do as they promised on the stump, we vote for them in today's election and most likely in the next election. That's as close as we can get to a direct plebiscite. Our system sends one man to Congress who is supposed to represent hundreds, thousands or even a few million people. If each qualified American voter voted for the individual laws that come down the pike we'd be like India, where they have hundreds and hundreds of candidates for each elected seat in government.

Praise God The Framers saw so far into the future or we'd be like India, Italy, England, Philippine Islands, et cetera. The United Kingdom can start a new government with a simple vote of No Confidence in the current Prime Minister. Italy has had around fifty governments since World War II. Our system is not perfect, but I think it's dam-ned good because The Framers fought it out for months in the insufferable humidity of the Summer of 1787 in Philadelphia, until they came-up with the draft of the Constitution that went before The People for consideration and possible ratification. The first shot was not ratified. The second draft was ratified and that is what governs us to this day, albeit with the addition of another fourteen or fifteen Amendments.

The system we have is good. Our Liberties are protected from alarming encroachment or total destruction by the Checks & Balances system The Framers developed. We have laws at all because men are not angels. We are violent, greedy, predators upon each other, et cetera. If we were angels, there would be no need for established government and written laws.


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