My 870 ready for home defence

I finally got the muzzle brake and got it all together. The stock was pretty simple except for getting the slide changed. The tool that came with the Phoenix Tech stock was WORTHLESS. Stripped and cleaned the old girl and am reasonably happy with the choices.
I wanted something to protect the barrel from things that thump in the night. God forbid I have to use this animal. I found this clamp on muzzle brake from Grizzly Gunworks, up Canada way. 2 weeks for Canadian post, but it was crossing an international border.

Have not shot it yet that will happen this weekend. I was surprised at the size of the Grizzly product but then again I did not design or build it. Beefy is always better in my mind. I have considered most of the short comings of this project and have discounted them one by one. Only 5 rounds, I really am not anticipating a fire fight.
Pretty sure after the first round goes off there will be a lot of praying being done by the offender. I do have a 1911 by the bed as well. So I got 180 in the muzzle brake and 79 bucks in the stock. Fairly inexpensive, now I need to decide if I want to sell the wood furniture.

grizzly on 870.jpg 870.jpg


Those Muzzle devises are actually for breaching, pin that sucker up against the hing line of a door, lean into it, and touch it off, instant splinters! Rinse and Repeat! Can also bust through re-bar, cables, and even lock shanks! pretty handy tool to have on a shotgat!
I was looking for something in the gnarly department. The breaching concept was not lost on me when I purchased the brake. I was really looking for something that would protect the end of the barrel. Stomper offered the sternum core tool as a side note which cracks me up.
I saw on one site a brake for cutting rebar. That is something I would not want to do with a shotgun. I am not the aggressor, I am the defender.


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