Nope; can't have any interest in a .50-caliber rifle. Dianne "Dingbat" Feinswine says a terrorist (aka an American citizen who owns firearms) can use one to shoot down an airliner. Anything Feinswine says about guns can be taken to be absolute fact because that aging street-corner "businesswoman" knows everything there is to know about firearms. Yes, indeed...

Speaking of .50-caliber rifles, the idiots who pose as lawmakers in some place I cannot now recall outlawed the machines that release one .50BMG bullet per trigger squeeze. They who own these machines moved the shoulder of the case down one-tenth of an inch, changed the shoulder angle by a few degrees and renamed the round the 510DTC-- which allowed those same bullets to be fired from the same barrels once the rechambering to 510DTC was done. Once again, firearms owners have kept their Liberty in place against those who seek to change our government from what The Framers gave to us-- to what Lenin gave to post-Romanoff Russia...

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