Mount for videoing rimfire shooting

I have used a pair of scope rings mounted on my scope up side down and an old rail attached to the rings. It makes a flat mount for my video camera to be screwed down to. It has the camera mounted right above the scope. Now that cameras have gotten much lighter it should work even better. DR
This mounts to your rail and give you the ability to mount a cylindrical camera next to your scope:

This one says it is for a crossbow, but I imagine it would work with a .17/.22:

You could also mount one to your head:

These mounts only work with the Tactacam products. If you are trying to use something like a GoPro, then I am not sure what you would use. Here is a product from another company that mounts to a hat bill:

Here are some instructions on how to make your own setup:

Here is one that uses a rail:

I think this one would easily attach to the tube of your scope and let you mount a few different camers:

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