Nevada Marijuana use muddies Nevada, federal gun laws

I had a similar thought, Why would you pull the trigger in a walk through? Pointing the gun would solve the camera positioning and get what the crew needed for the take.
People are stupid when it comes to firearms
If they did live fire then why in all that is holey would you have a REAL firearm on a fantasy set? I know nothing of Baldwin as a person. His skill for weapons needs improving. I have been on ranges all over our country and every time I allow someone to look, or use my weapons, I ask do you know how? If they do not immediately check the weapon for a round and for safety I remove it from their hands. Not going down that path as there is nothing good at the end. Media types might all believe that the gun master can not make a mistake. There are examples to the contrary. Now some dolt in Washington will want federal regulation into another area of our lives. Because some people are to stupid to have anything in their hand. Wonder when the actors union will spout forth their drivel.
The unions, as you probably know, has been brought up already.....

I wonder when the unions will have gun rights lawyers on their board ?
A lot of good proactive responses. An old saying "slight of hand" or "the hand is quicker than the eye" comes to mind though. A very good friend of mine (hold the laughter if you can) plays a Police Officer role on General Hospital. After his stage pistol is presented to him he drops the magazine and checks the chamber for live "goes bang then sends a bullet, wadding anything" rounds. After his safety check that pistol never leaves his person. He said so many actors just trust the guns handed them are good to go and will example, set it down on a table, turn their attention elsewhere. Turn back, grab the gun and Action. Someone wants someone assassinated on the set will easily make it look like an accident. He told me a lot of firearm props have the back pressure plug (don't know the real wording) deeper inside the barrel to make it look more realistic.
Bad it happened to Alec and the person he shot no matter how you look at it.

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