WTS ARIZONA M16 AR15 upper assembly, parts and new Magpul parts for sale!

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    M16 AR15 upper assembly, parts and new Magpul parts for sale!
    Cleaning out the garage and we moved so time to sell some M16 and AR15 parts Shipping included in prices!!!!

    1. Brand new 5.56/.223 barreled upper assembly with slick side upper receiver. Comes with conversion CMMG 22lr bolt. This upper assembly can shoot either 5.56, .223 or swap out your bolt carrier group and use this 22 long rifle bolt. Comes with three 10 round 22lr mags and two 5.56/.223 mags. Sold pending funds

    2. Brand new AR15 556/223 NATO Medium Contour pistol barrel 12.5 inches long, carbine length gas block hole, 1 in 7 twist. Made of Chrome Moly Melonite. Selling for $100.00

    3. Brand new M16 and AR15 handguards:
    a. Standard Rifle length tan FDE round handguards $25.00
    b. Standard Rifle length OD Green round handguards $25.00
    c. Magpul MOE Rifle length OD Green handguards $30.00
    d. Magpul MOE Rifle length Foliage Green handguards $30.00
    e. Magpul MOE Rifle length FDE handguards $30.00
    f. Magpul MOE Carbine length FDE handguards $25.00
    g. AB Arms Carbine length FDE handguards $25.00

    4. Brand new OD Green A2 buttstock $25.00

    5. Retro AR15 camo style rifle length handguards with A2 butt-stock SOLD

    All prices include shipping!!!!

    Please PM me if interested.

    AR upper 22lr.jpg AR15 Retro Parts for sale.jpg
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