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So I've been doing occasional range trips with some old friends lately, and they kinda seem to mostly be stuck in the rut of just magdumping into the trash. Ammo is still kinda expensive compared to what it used to be, so I'm looking for other ideas to do.

Last time we went out, we ended up just squaring up, and doing reload and transition drills head to head. It was fun, and even I learned a few things (i.e. which way my mags face is the opposite of what I thought it should be) and a few things involved with transitioning between long tun and pistol. I suppose we could do mozambique drills the same way. Just looking for other ideas.
One of my favorite handgun drills is the El Presidente but we have the most fun running and gunning.

Set up same paper, steel and reactive targets. Then make a course out of pallets, old doors, whatever you have.

Also, make some dummy rounds and mix them with the ammo you are loading, so you have a semi-unexpected FTF somewhere along the way to deal with.

One time we set a series of paper plates on wooden stakes all along a deep dry wash. We then started at one end and worked our way through. Had to get at least 3 hits on each. If you got too close to one without shooting it or passed one without seeing it, you were dead.

The target locations were changed for each run by the non-shooter, so each time was different and the shooter had to methodically work his way through, staying behind cover and scanning for the enemy plates.

We dubbed it, Zombie Canyon
Also, if you don't already have one, get a shot timer and keep score.

Adding shoot/no shoot targets is also good. Use colors or objects to mark them, so they can be changed while the shooter has his back turned. When the timer buzzer sounds, you must turn, draw and engage the targets accordingly, as fast as you can.

We use a cardboard gun cutout for the threat targets and two hands up for the non-threat targets.

Allot of the time, we will put a threat target behind a non-threat target with only a bit of the one you want to shoot showing.
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Simple to start especially when it becomes challenging. Practice how you EDC.

Here is drill that seems easy but is good practice.
Setup a target 6-8" in diameter, at a distance of 10 yds or 21 feet. Have a defined 180 degree space for firing. If side by side, step forward a few steps to shoot.

1) Stand ready, weapon loaded, and holstered.

2): Draw, aim, shoot (5ish)v rounds, reload, step sideways 5ish feet, aim, fire.

3) Reload and holster the gun before turning or facing anyone. If you practice the 180 degree rule, it is easier to accept when you are at a range that requires it. With others around even in the open desert, there's nothing wrong with a little safety.

4) This can be part of a two gun drill. Where you shoot the rifle, carbine, or shotgun as extension of the pistol drill. Time for the truck guns to get a little practice time.

Visualize "what would a firearm encounter look like?" I say this because I'm interested in practicing this
Exciting to hear about your varied range sessions! Try timed accuracy challenges, engage multiple targets, and practice shooting from different positions for a well-rounded experience.

Experiment with shooting on the move and simulated malfunction drills to enhance skills.

Keeping things diverse improves overall proficiency. Happy shooting.
Two of you stand back to back, then each walk 20 paces in a straight line, turn 180* and draw….. er, no don't do that!


Maybe see if you can find a military surplus (or something like that) reactive pop-up/down silhouette target holder that'll run off a car battery.

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