Utah Lawmaker wants licensed dealers in on private gun sales following U of U murder

Some UT grassroot entity needs to point the legislative representative(s) towards OR, WA, IL, MD, NY, and other States which have enacted this same type of firearm control...to no avail in controlling violence.

Chicago alone has had almost 500 deaths to date, just this year. If you believe the shooters purchased their firearms following their Statutory guidance, then please stand next to Charlie Brown and await the sighting of the GREAT PUMPKIN!

Some states have statutes where citizens buying a handgun either privately or FFL, must obtain from the county sheriff a piece of paper [Pistol Purchase Permit] or the concealed permit/license, both valid for five years, which the seller must see, [vague nuances in statutes on if the seller should photocopy the CHP or keep the PPP or even do a BoS] then the transaction is legal. Yes it is a profit center for the sheriff not the FFL!
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Just more government involvement in our lives. I'm sick of government always believing it's the answer to all our problems...
that wingnut certainly has his act together? There are so many flaws in his proposal that it would take forever to delineate them. This is nothing but a limp wristed attempt to just get his 2 and half seconds of fame by making it more expensive for the average law abiding gun advocate to own a gun of his choice. His misguided effort certainly wont make it harder for a bad guy to get a gun. This BILL should get the attention it deserves, LAUGH IT OUT OF EXISTENCE.
More government involvement and fees. Many in WA were not even aware that the fees (call it a tax) was hidden within the initiative BGC law.

For example (how it works in WA for a Pvt FTF sale).....
Say that you wanted to buy a cheap rifle from a friend for $100. Before, the transfer can occur, you and the friend will have to meet up at the FFLs place of business. Never mind that you (the buyer) has a CCW or that you already own numerous firearms. You (the buyer) will have undergo a BGC. And of course, one of you will be paying the FFL for his work. In WA it was left to the FFL to set his own fees. So, a typical fee is $25. WOW, $25 in fees just to buy a $100 rifle? That's like paying a 25% tax on the transaction.

Then, what happens if there is only one FFL within 50 miles? Yup....KaChing! Maybe, the FFL will charge you $50 for the privilege of doing the paperwork?

And, I haven't mention the "delay" or bad file keeping problems.

Bottom Line.....
Don't let the LIBERALS fool you. It's not about ensuring safety.

Because, if the seller felt uneasy and wanted the buyer to under go a BGC.....well the seller could have just asked that the transaction go through an FFL for a BGC. Simple. And, without a law.

YES.....some FFLs were in favor of the law. WHY? Because they could line their own pockets while claiming that they were for SAFETY. Then, I know of one particular FFL that refuses to be involved in private party transfers. That shop claims that their lawyer told them not to do it. For liability reasons.

BUT, that all being said......
When you have to pay $ to get permission to exercise a RIGHT......is it really still a RIGHT?

Aloha, Mark
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I jumped and down but western megalopolises won the day to get I594 passed which resulted in RCW 9.41.113 pushed thru.

And you’re right MA96782, the only citizens who won were the State’s FFLs. I was just glad the State SP aren’t runing the background system and charging $$$ per citizen’s background plus FFL fee.


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