WTS ARIZONA Laser Engraving / Laser Stippling Services

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    254A377C-70BB-4F24-B944-980626BE2AD2.jpeg B25BA14C-CE33-474D-8623-436ECEA4AE9B.jpeg 0D73E7F0-C53B-49CF-8FF2-CBFBACE10AB3.jpeg 1C57F5DA-09EE-467B-B725-0D1838484F1D.jpeg DA8366D3-2928-4ACB-89D9-D80B09919897.jpeg I can offer full laser customizations to any Glock handgun. Frame stippling packages include; disassembly, sanding factory texture, laser stippling both sides on the grips and index points.

    19x and other factory colored frames excluded in pricing below. Please contact me to discuss.

    Sub Compact - $100
    Compact - $110
    Full Size - $115

    Additional Options

    Trigger relief cut - $25
    Memory cut - $25
    Finger groove removal and laser (Gen 3&4) - $45
    Back Strap sand and laser (Gen 4&5) - $35
    Front Grip sand and laser (Gen 5) - $35
    Mag scallop (Gen 3) - $25

    I have a FFL to legally engrave and work on all firearms.

    Bent Line Laser Engraving
    602-430-7300 - Text or email is preferred for initial contact - jeremy@bentlinelaser.com

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