I lived in Sunnyslope for a couple of decades. My neighbor took a vacation and let me know. I came home from work took a shower and about 4 in the after noon Saw a rental truck backed up the the front door. I called the police, and wandered over with a .30 cal Ingram I had at the time. 30 shot clip. I confronted the burglars and one actually knew what I was holding at my side. Police arrived and the baddies kept screaming that I had a gun. Unfortunate for them the local commander kept the same officers in the same area. So my brother in law was in uniform. To shut them up he explained that if they had been stupid there would not be any talking there would only be bleeding.I/ve Been hunting and to the range with him. I did have to answer a lot of questions from the superiors in blue. I never pointed the gun at the bad guys. Just convinced them what would happen with words. One of the detectives asked me if the gun was loaded. My brother in law started laughing. I just stood there as unintimidating as a 6'4" 300 pound man holding a Ingram can be. Worst part because I caught them the sentences were only a year. Neighbor was happy the wife got to talk to her brother fcr a bit. Everyone except for the theves used the incident as a neigbhorhood gathering.

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