Kimber Ultra Carry 1911...

Kimber Ultra Carry II 1911 (3") W/ Aluminum Frame Okay??

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I have my Sig Sauer P365 up for trade. Someone is interested and they have a Kimber Ultra Carry II 1911 (3"). This is the model that has a stainless slide, and an aluminum frame. Does anyone have any experience with one of these?? Is the aluminum frame going to be an issue?? I would prefer an all stainless version (like the Ultra Raptor II - someone else is interested in trading with cash on my end). Let me know what your thoughts are on this firearm. Thanks in advance.

Here is the actual pistol:

Kimber Ultra Carry.jpg
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On some of them, the Barrel will hammer the frame on the unlock, (they have a slightly longer pivot center to delay the unlock) and this can cause feed issues, until the gun settles in! On some versions, the barrel is a non bushing "Bull" and care in cleaning is needed to keep it running strait and true! Plan on a bit of a break in due to the unique nature of the beast, but I have had a few and never had any issues! Note, Both Colt and Kimber use the exact same design, and both have the exact same issues! Other then all that, they are usually very good rigs and will serve you well!


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