40 cal xdm, ak47, pistol grip 12 guage. In the case of the rifle and guage my only real preference is reliability whatever it is that may be on hand if shtf

I agree. In a SHTF situation reliability is probably at the top of the list.

Now pretty much given up, for over 40 years I had similar aspirations. While the folks in the SW may have unsurpassed opportunities, we rainforest moss hobbits find a 1600 yard clear & safe path not only elusive but ever dwindling.

Yeah it's really too bad, especially if you're on the west side of the state. I'm still debating between the Ruger RPR in .308 vs 6.5 for this very reason. How often am I going to get to shoot at distances where the 6.5 outperforms?
Never thought about limiting myself to just three guns. I enjoy buying them, owning them and occasionally using them. I just like to groove on my collection and thank the Dear Lord I was born in America where Liberty reigns. But things are changing. We have dingbats in Washington who believe the failed methodology of socialism is the way in which our nation must go into the future. Socialism has abysmally failed everywhere it's been tried. The excuse the nutcases who support it use to explain away those failures is that "it wasn't done correctly." In my valueless opinion, socialism has failed everywhere it's been tried because it's a flawed system from the get-go. Margaret Thatcher said it best. All of you know what she said, so I'll not repeat it here...
I would chose a Remington 870, a Ruger GP100 in .357 Mag. along with a Ruger M77/357 Mag. for the ability to only have to source two types of ammo. My choices are based on guns that fact that they require minimum things to keep them running.

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