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If you are an Arizona resident and belong to a firearms forum, are you a member of AZCDL, Arizona Citizens Defense league? This is an organization dedicated to protecting Arizona gun owner rights through legislation. They have been successful in implementing positive gun rights legislation and slowing and sometimes stopping the lefts march to ban firearms. They have been around for 15 years and have approximately 25,000 members. In Arizona that number should be 1 million and that would get law makers to pay much more attention.

A friend and I did what we called a gun store crawl. We are just members of AZCDL, not Board members or officers but wanted to spread the word. We visited 23 local gun stores to talk to them about AZCDL. Out of 23 stores, speaking to the manager or the owner, only 3 of them had even heard of AZCDL.

If you have heard of them, why haven't you joined?

If you haven't heard of them, visit their web site to see their successes and their legislative page for upcoming legislation that is either pro-gun or anti-gun in Arizona. (AZCDL.ORG)

Then Join!

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