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If All Else Fails Scream Rape.

Here we go again. 75-year-old columnist, E Jean Carroll has crawled out of the wood work to accuse President Trump of rape 23 years ago. I can only speak for myself but if I was raped 23 years ago I would have reported it 23 years ago.

If I was Trump I would be filing a law suit on this crazed woman, the rag that printed this crap and national media who is making this everything but what it is, an ugly leftist wanting attintion

Why it could of never happened:

1. She was 52 years old when the rape supposedly happened.

2. She said she wouldn't file charges, get this because it would be disrespectful to all these poor women trying to crash our border who deal with gang rapes all the time. Let me get out my violin and play a few bars of 'Your'e Breaking My Frigging Heart'.

3. The rag 'New York' printed the story without any proof except what this woman said. MSNBC then jumped on the band wagon giving this rabid libturd a national voice. No one even made an attempt to contact Trump.

4. The filthy rich don't date 6's but rape twos. Put a dollar with that and you might get a cup of coffee.

5. Look at her. Would you want to be seen with this woman in a dim lite bar?

6. Any man that has been with a Libturd woman know they are comparable with an ice cube and making it worst they talk.

With all the liars the democRats dug up to trash Trump in 2016 if I were Trump I would spend my fortune to put these parasites where they belong, 200 miles West of San Francisco and only allow them to take their chains with them.


Yeah. A billionaire 20 something years ago raped your ugly azz...
I’m sorry, I’m not a billionaire, millionaire, or even a thousandaire... and even I can come up with something better to do than her.

Only thing this makes me wonder is what kind of mind altering drugs was this woman on to hallucinate that...

I’m thinking the left is pulling out all the stops before the election...

Trump is going to win the next election. You know it, I know it, and even most Dems know it.
Bar none, that man as the only non career politician to hold the office since God knows when, has done more to get this country back on its feet and back to something we can be proud of since the last good president we had, Ronald Reagan. (Who actually got into politics, but not as involved as most..) Trump has managed to accomplish a great number of things, including his campaign promises, despite all the vitriol, accusations, investigations, etc coming from the Left.

Going forward, He’d get allot more done if the left actually cared about their constituents and not just their political career. They are so entrenched in the “Us vs. them” and self serving mindset, they won’t take a win for everyone, if it means letting him take credit.
It chaps their azz.
That’s not how it’s supposed to work, boys and girls. That is childish and immature.

Anyone with a brain is realizing the Democrats are being made to look petty, unintelligent, and desperate.

Their best efforts result in buffoonery at best. And the people driving it have succeeded in splitting the party, which pretty much guarantees they won’t win.

There’s folks out there talking about the 22nd amendment already where Trump is concerned.
Well-said, wildcat455. This phony, fact-less attack on Trump will not succeed. Next thing we know, we'll see some homma-seck-shool accusing Trump of raping him in some "tea room" decades ago. They who abhor Liberty have no shame. They have no sense of what's proper and what isn't. They are consumed with destroying this man who has some actual principles, morals and boundaries. Trump became who he is in military school. What he was taught there about right and wrong, good and evil, and fighting until you win has stayed with him all these decades. That's why he never quits and because he never quits, I just love the guy. He is the best President we've had since Raegan. Raegan went after the Soviet Union and destroyed them without firing a shot. Trump has that same tenacity, and Praise God that he does...
The problem with all these kinds of allegations is that they don’t ever cost the accuser enough when the story falls apart and it’s proven to be a total fabricated smear job. I hope Trump sues the pants off the entire organization that’s behind it.
I hope Trump sues the pants off the entire organization that’s behind it.
Trump's a public figure-- probably the world's most public of figures. Being the US President invites all manner of brain-dead idiots to attack you, insult you, slander you, et cetera. The best response to these batsards is to do a fabulous job today, and an even better one tomorrow. A mountain of successes will silence the pathetic bleating of the pathetic sheep to an even greater degree than would demolishing them in Court.

Trump is a man of action. He sets about to do a job, and he does not quit until he succeeds. His style is to come out hard and fast, then slack off a bit to confuse the opposition-- he suckers them in and makes them believe they've defeated him. Then he powers through and at the last, gets what he wants. As dumb as I am, I was able to figger-out how he works. But the Criminal Left and the Criminal Left Media cannot figger that out, even though Trump has torpedoed them many times. You'd think they'd learn, but no. They are fixated with hatred for him, it clouds their vision and they're possessed of a single mindset: Trump is bad; the debauchery of liberalism is good. No dialogue as to whether they are right or wrong is allowed. The Criminal Left agrees with Free Speech until you say something with which they disagree...
Look at what they did to Judge Kaughanaw during the congressional hearings, look what they drug out, that nasty harpy of a woman out of obscurity to accuse him of touching her!

Dooooood, i wouldnt have touched that with any thing but a tactical air strike!

Its all about distraction, making the potus look bad, and perhaps causing him to fail to get things done!
It's all about distraction, making the POTUS look bad, and perhaps causing him to fail to get things done!
It's all three of those things. Of the three, I'd posit that the one the Criminal Left Media seeks the most to do is your last example. If Trump can be so troubled by the Left, he will get little of his agenda completed. That means the abject idiocy put into law by the previous Failure-in-Chief will remain. The Left is so angry with Trump and so intolerant of Trump because he is doing what the American People elected him to do: Returning to America the greatness it had under Raegan-- whom the Left absolutely abhorred. We all know of Trump's successes with regard to the growth of the economy, unemployment rates, the rebuilding of the military, et cetera. To the Criminal Left America is "great" when we are weak and divided, as was the country under Carter, Sick Willy Klantoon and that pathetic excuse for a bi-pedal mammal we had stinking-up my White House from 2009 to 2017. The Criminal Left Media reports 92-some percent negatively on Trump. Imagine if it was just 80-some percent. Imagine how much more he could get done that would benefit all of America and most of the Free World...


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