I am the Austrian Immigrant Smoothie Omniblender Guy with a Gun Interest!

Hi, I am Thomas. Came from Austria about 21 years ago. Immigrated to the USA mid 90's; won the Perm. Residency in the Visa Diversity Lottery Program together with my wife. I was in the Austrian Military for a year (mandated there). Then wanted to start a business and was requested to ask my competition for permission before issuing a business permit. So,... I am in the USA. And I didn't come to watch our freedom and liberties being taken little by little and be leaps. I am a supporter of religious freedom and the philosophy that the PEOPLE must reign and have the right to bear arms as a leverage to all just and moral liberties on which our US Constitution and its amendments are founded on.

My wife and I have a business...working at home, selling OmniBlender Smoothie Machines with 3 hp motors. Our competitor, a multi billion dollar company sued us last year for 'unfair competition'. Go figure. I pride myself to be very competitive. And I can't some corporate, price-fixing, monopolizing, free-enterprize destroyer just bully small companies out of business. So we fought back and here we are with a Court Consent Judgement that they are not permitted to sue us for our blender ever again... Therefore, I support that freedom is not free. You have the freedom to fight for it. And that is the bases of the American freedom that I love so much.

Regarding shooting, I used to work for Robinson Arms in Salt Lake City (CRX, M96, VEPR...). My wife went into a different direction. Then, about 12 years ago, I was into arms big time. I am getting back into it because I don't see how we, as a world and a nation will be able to keep relying on safety provided by law enforcement. At least, I think, that arms keep the value pretty good during inflationary episodes, so does gold, silver, agricultural land, and seeds and water resources and other utility projects...not that I am actually involved in every one of those. I wish I could. The idea is there. But for now, I am just a prepper with a 72 hour emergency kit a couple guns, some ammo and some... living in Utah.

My objective here in this forum is to make alike-thinking acquaintances, learn about diverse firearm buildups and versions, and applications. I am hoping to make friends and form alliance that could at one time perhaps lead to a meeting in person, i.e. a well organized shooting competition, and lots of fun.

I have a family, meaning a wife, who does not like guns, she respects them, and she lets me show her and teach her, but she does not want to touch them...which is better anyway. And then my daughter, growing, currently 8, my nephew 14, who wants to learn gun safety, and my in-law- parents in law - who don't like anything I like. And then I have a great Nova Scotia Duck Toller / Retreiver . She saved us already twice. Once she prevented my daughter from being obducted who tried to grab her from behind and take her. But the dog was barking crazy and my wife was alerted and was able to scare the guy away. And the second time, Coco scared off two burglars at 3:30 AM, alerted me, and I was ready, understandably. Police came... and the whole thing.

I am looking forward meeting you!

Welcome aboard Thomas, quite a resume you have there. I'm also in the (firearm) industry, and just left my previous job as a production manager and firearm designer to start my own company.

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