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  • No thread-crapping. Thread-crapping occurs when a member posts negative comments in another members classified ad. If you believe there is a problem with the ad either start a conversation with the seller or report the post for moderation.

  • Members must comply with local, state, and federal laws at all times. It is up to individual members to comply with all laws at all times. Please remember, it is never legal to sell firearms across state lines without the involvement of an FFL.

  • Follow through once you commit to a purchase, sale, or trade. Once you commit to a deal you should do your best to follow through. Members who flake on deals will likely receive negative feedback, which will not be removed.

  • Ads are to be posted only in the classified section of the site. Do not post ads anywhere except the proper classified section.

  • Ads must have the correct prefix. Classified prefixes contain vital information, such as the intention of the seller and the location of the item.

  • Ads with different types of items (pistols, rifles, shotguns, parts, ammo) should be split and put into their proper forums. If you have a pistol and a rifle for sale, create two separate ads, one in the pistol section and one in the rifle section.

  • Once your item is sold, traded, or you have found what you are looking to purchase, you are required to close your thread. When a member closer their thread it lets others know it is no longer active. For instructions on how to close your thread, please see ====================

  • If you have a question regarding what you should buy, the value of the item, etc. you should post the question in the appropriate section, not within a classified ad. The classified section is not the appropriate place for item discussion. Instead, create a new thread in the appropriate discussion section.

  • Creation of two or more ads for the same item is prohibited. No member is to have more than one ad for the same item at the same time.

  • If you close an ad and decide to re-post the item, you must wait 7 days. Closing an ad then re-posting the item within 7 days is prohibited. Members may re-open closed classified ads.

  • All group buys must be approved by the staff before being posted. No member or Supporting Vendor is to start a group buy without express permission from Joe Link.

  • No member may post items in the Great Deals section which they are selling themselves. This section is intended for deal alerts and discussion of third party sales only.

No threadcrapping

Every member is allowed to set the terms of their sale. If you dislike an ad, please ignore it or politely discuss it with the seller in private. If you notice blatant misrepresentation, an illegal sale, etc. please notify a moderator.

Members must comply with local, state, and federal laws at all times.

It is up to each member to know and comply with all federal, state, and local laws.

*** Remember, a firearm may never be sold across state lines without the involvement of an FFL.

Sellers, in order to keep the classified section running smooth we've put together a couple rules, requirements, and suggestions. These are all very simple things, and most of you do them anyway. Once you create a thread in the classified section it is your sole responsibility to maintain that thread using the expanded permissions you've been given for the classified section.

For Sale Ads (a.k.a. WTS)
All for sale ads are required to have a price listed. If you don't know what it's worth, list what you'll take for it.

For Trade Ads (a.k.a. WTT)
No prices or values are required for items listed for trade, but a list of what you're looking for and a value of what you think it's worth is highly suggested.

For Sale/Trade Ads (a.k.a. WTS/WTT)
Prices are required, as they are in for sale ads. Again, a list of what you're looking for is also highly suggested.

To Close A Thread
To close a thread, go into your thread you'd like to close and click the "Administrative" dropdown menu above and to the right of the first post. Make sure "Close Thread" is selected and click "Perform Action". The procedure is the same to open a thread you've previously closed.
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