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    Man what a mess! I used to travel down there quite frequently back in the late 70's and early 80's when my dad was alive and living down there. Almost considered moving down there back then. Damn glad I didn't. It started to go downhill when a lot of the displaced trash from Katrina settled there. The crime rate went through the roof.

    Then as time moved on they started all of this, "Sanctuary City" crap, and it just continued to get worse. Now this. I doubt it will ever recover. They are saying less than 50% of the homeowners there have flood insurance. Most will simply walk away. Real estate values will plummet to a fraction of what they were. This will leave people under water financially, as well as literally. A dying city, much like New Orleans. They said the population of New Orleans dropped by 50% after Katrina. Some have come back and rebuilt, but most have just moved on. I think Houston will suffer the same fate. There are just too many places to live and work where you don't have to put up with crap like that.
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    a good friend left Houston a month ago and moved to The Woodlands. Between Friday night and today they got 40 inches of rain, no power loss, no flooding, no damage(knock on wood). Another friend who lives outside of Dallas said no rain so far.

    Wish them all well, and hope Dallas and Austin have room, cuz the peeps is comin'!

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