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    I have had a half-full bottle of No. 9 on the windowsill in my kitchen for many, many months. The window is on the north side of my home, so it doesn't get a lot of sun. Just for giggles, I opened the bottle yesterday (July 22) after it having set there for maybe as long as two years. The bottom of the plastic bottle had become soft, because it crumpled when I attempted to remove the cap. I saw fluffy sediment in the fluid. Once I got the top off I saw a crusty, light tan-colored coating in the neck of the bottle. I don't remember if I took a sniff; I decided to throw the stuff away when I saw the crusty stuff in the bottle's neck.

    Has anybody ever seen No. 9 do what mine did? I obviously do not shoot very much, else I would have consumed the bottle long ago. Maybe I should not have put it where the sun wouldn't get to it. It's in a brown bottle (as is beer), so I figgered that would have protected the quality of the product. I think I'll buy a tin of paste bore cleaner after this, if such a thing exists.

    EDIT: Yes, paste-type cleaners do exist. One of the best is said to be J-B Non-embedding Bore Cleaner. I read a few reviews of it; seems to be the stuff to get. I'll get a tub when I go back to Scheels tomorrow to exchange the scope I bought today. I got the brand and zoom ratio I wanted; the knock-out salesbird gave me one with a simple v-plex reticule when I wanted one with a hashmarked reticule to aid in holdover. I should have looked at the description on the box when she gave it to me.

    Now I have to spend $10 in gas, drive 60 miles and take upwards of two hours to correct the mistake. It's going to be in the upper 90s tomorrow, and I usually do not use the A/C in my car because we have such low humidity here. I made the trip today in a retired friend's car; he wanted to go with me to have something to fill his day. He has a Honda Accord with an A/C that works very well, so we rode in coolness. Won't be that way, tomorrow...
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