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I live in a small town in southern AZ where i'm more likely to run into wildlife than a person with ill-intent when running. I want to carry when i run for both reasons though and am looking for suggestions on what works best. The culture here is used to seeing open carry so concealing is not a requirement. We quite literally see open carried guns every day. Belly holsters are not ideal, as my belly is simply too big at present; bigger than my hips so there would be no retention if i did that. I can wear around the hips or just above though. So far I have looked at shoulder rigs, bands that can be worn below the big belly like those at, and tactical thigh holsters. I have carry pistols ranging in all sizes i could use but would prefer to carry my xd(m) .45 4.5 inch. I have slimmer/lighter options all the way down to a sig p38 .380. Does anybody else carry when they run? How do the thigh rigs compare to something like the pistolwear Trump card that can be worn as a shoulder rig?
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Couple of things, i presume you will be wearing 'running' clothes, e.g. nylon shorts w/elastic waist band?

Further, to have a large or ang handgun 'banging' against your hips, thighs, side of your chest, or pocket, etc. will take a toll on your body and psyche.

Cross chest of blackpoint or lewong per se or

holster cross chest - Bing - Shopping

Also seriously consider lighter weight firearms like s pd360 rev.

Finally remember you are OC'g...
another forum recommended that hill people gear. and the general consensus on the different forums i've posted on is center of chest is best for running. i got a pistol wear holster i'll try but i'm considering ordering one of the hill people gear too and giving it a try.
My neighbor, a Deputy US Marshall, runs every day with his two German Shorthair Pointers and wears a Hill People Gear Runners Bag with his Glock 22 tucked safely inside along with some other stuff. It seems to work well for him.
I don't recommend a thigh holster unless you have a really damn good reason for using it, like body armor, climbing gear, or something else more important that needs to be in the preferred spot on your hip. I do run a holster with a bit of drop for 3-gun, but the muzzle is just above my crotch. Running with a thigh holster is just miserable. In general, if you are actually going to run, or be relatively active and need to carry a firearm as a side-effect of the environment, look into chest holsters. Such as...


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