Holosun 507c scam on Armslist

Be careful when buying off armslist. I bought a holosun 507c from a guy in Minnesota, $250. It has never showed up. I followed his purchasing info by using PayPal friends and family, not knowing that I COULDN'T FILE a claim against him. Don't use PayPal friends and family, zelle, or cash app. You won't be able to get money back.
His ad is still up. Do everyone else a favor and let them know about my buying mistake so they won't make the same. And you can flood him with questions about it. He told me it was s green dot, not red.
Sorry to hear about your deal.
I had a similar problem 10 years ago and got screwed for 20 bucks over a tech manual on CD for my then truck. I was summarily bounced off Ebay for complaining. Paypal not on your life will I use it. I will use my credit card to purchase sometimes, but NEVER on the Paypal app.
I had a property management company in Phoenix that I ended up in court with because of Paypal was not forwarding the money. I proved to them that I was making the payments and they would not believe me. So they just kept the fee from rents received. So off to small claims we went. They were really pissed when the judge awarded me damages and costs.

I have not purchased from Armslist in a long time. When I did it was within the state. Is there a way to leave feedback on the seller?


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