National Here we go again

The enemies of freedom have proposed the following gun control legislation at the federal level:

  • HR 127 - License to own guns & ammo, mandatory firearm registration, and ban on certain types of ammunition
  • HR 125 - Mandatory 7-day waiting period on the purchase of semiautos, suppressors, armor-piercing ammo, and "large capacity" magazines
  • HR 121 - Would result in the hiring of 200 new ATF agents to "enforce gun laws"
  • HR 130 - Forces you to submit to government "safe storage" requirements for your firearms
  • HR 167 - Prohibits the transfer of a firearm at gun shows by a person who is not an FFL
I have not check all of these out yet. All but the last one are sponsored by a D, from Texas.
The genius who proposed these bills does realize that there is already a massive waiting period on suppressors, correct?? Anywhere from 3 to 12 months for the tax stamp.
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