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WOW! That .45 is gorgeous! I frequently think about going to Scheels in Sparks to pick-up a Kimber Stainless, but your Kodiak is so stunning I have to now do a look-up to get some info about them. The barrel & slide looks like it's six inches versus the original five inches of the M1911. I have an AMT Hardballer Longslide (seven-inch barrel) that I haven't fired in so long I don't remember when. I wanted this pistol because Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator went to the gunshop in the movie and wanted to buy a ".45-caliber Longslide with laser-sighting" along with a plasma rifle in the 40-watt range. "Hey, buddy. Just what you see in the store..."

AMT Longslide.JPG
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@nvshooter It is a 6" barrel, 10mm Dan Wesson piece.

It is a 6" barrel; 10mm Dan Wesson piece.
Beautiful pistol but at $2500 retail, it's a bridge too far for me. I see Kimbers in Scheels for $1000 an' some. Buy it, run the background check and walk out with it before Domino's can deliver a pizza. No doubt a buyer would have to order the Kodiak and wait for some period of time. A handgun that gorgeous has to have a slew of buyers on a waiting list to get one.

I already have the dies and such to reload .45ACP, so that's where lies my heart. The Kodiak is so gorgeous, to use it would be like driving a new car off the lot-- 50% of its value is gone because it's now a "used car." I'd hazard the guess that a Kodiak bought fifteen years ago and never fired would still today get its $2500 selling price.
Thanks, It is quite the beauty. I've fired it a few times and it is a joy. If you have ever handled a Dan Wesson they have a very high level of fit and finish for 1911s. A nick or two below custom. Puts Kimbers to shame IMO but that statement could be dangerous.

It would seem to get the real potential out of 10mm I need to get into reloading, and that is not a journey I have started.... yet.

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