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Guns, Gear, Accessories, Etc: What did you buy today?

I received some AR parts this week. Got a Magpul CTR stock for one of my light weight ARs that currently has an STR. I like both but want to make the light weight AR a little more light weight. :) Also got an Aero M4E1 enhanced upper and 15" Mlok handguard to update another AR to a more modern look.

Some one I know may or may not have ordered another batch of CCI standard velocity 22 ammo. With the current rebate, everyone that owns a rimfire suppressor should be stocking up.

Batch might or might not equal 5000+ rounds.
This is my first TC handgun so for those of you that are familiar with them please enlighten me.

I sent an email to TC with serial number to verify year. From what I have read and little information from the seller I believe this to be a Contender, not the G2 model. First guess is early 80’s. Sure doesn’t look it, it’s just spotless.

Contender: Break open to cock. (Mine)
G2: Can cock without breaking barrel.

I picked up the optic for my current AR-15 build. I decided to go with the Holosun HE510C-GR. The 'dot' is very crisp
and very clear. It has a solar panel on it, so it can be powered off of that, with the battery as a backup power source.
Titanium hood and a lifetime warranty to boot.

Holosun Sight 3-16-2019.jpg
There are two kinds of these trigger-adjusters. One kind has the same diameter from head to end, and is threaded all the way to the end. This kind is for lowers that are threaded all the way through. The second type has the end of it turned-down for lowers that are not threaded all the way through. Word is these lowers are of Anderson manufacture. If I was in the market to buy one of these screws, I'd just get the reduced-diameter one and not have to worry about whether or not my lower has its grip screw hole threaded all the way through. Combine this adjuster with a set of Kaw Valley low-power hammer and trigger springs, and you'll have the hot set-up for much less than one of those unitized, drop-in triggers.

Trigger adjuster
Kaw Valley Precision AR-15 Reduced Power Trigger Spring Kit
Thanks for posting this.:s0115:
My Noreen 80% lowers are threaded through also. I'll have to try this as I already have the JP springs installed.
Caveman loves him a polished milspec trigger. ;)


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