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    As usual I was out traveling over the weekend and ended up in Las Vegas, I usually like to check out a few gun shops whenever I'm out and about. Anyways, I was getting ready to leave town on Sunday, which usually isn't a good day to go to gun shops because most of them are closed. However driving south on Dean Martin after getting gas, I saw a billboard advertising a gun shop up ahead as I rolled by I noticed they were open. So after executing a hard starboard turn at speed into the parking lot I went in to check it out.

    I went in looking for some spare mags for my new pistol and despite being stumped finding any from every other gun store in 5 states, they had two on the shelf for a killer price. While I was waiting for the guy to ring me up, I poked around the store a little bit more, unlike a lot of places that are bursting at the seems with condor and voodoo tactical, this place had a much smaller selection of 5.11 stuff, when I asked about it, the guy said he does not want to carry the "junk" tactical stuff, because there are plenty of places that do, said he wanted to carry nicer stuff. Something I totally agree with, as it's hard to find places that actually carry nicer tactical gear.

    If you're in the area, I would definitely recommend checking it out, they also have a shooting range on site, and have a good variety of stuff in the shop. Also, the prices are very reasonable.

    Guns and Ammo Garage
    5155 S. Dean Martin Dr
    Las Vegas NV 89118

    702 440 4867

    They are open on Sundays at least.
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    Great review, thanks!

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