Attempting to manage year round humidity in my safe I've learned alot about the local season/time of day humidity patterns. I use an eBay adjustable humidity controller and a remote weather station to watch things. By watching my bedside weather station I know how my safe reacts 24/7 in relation to exterior weather condition changes. I've learned what type DEhumidifier to use snd when
Heres my take away.:

1) the "rod" type DEhumidifiers are great in the winter as it also adds heat (the principle it works off of). It is obviously NOT good as the days heat up and is also slow to react with the controller.

2) A small 110v eBay DEhumidifier working with the controller, keeps the humidity in range and constant. No need for the rods assistance (at least in the hot/dry times)

Set @ 28% the DEhumidifier keeps the safe ranging between 27% and 29%... 24/7
... 👍 perfection achieved 😉

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