National Gun control returns to presidential campaign trail as 2020 Dems push sweeping plans


I see this is going to be a very polarizing run for President, funny thing is, all these anti dems are going to wake up out in the cold on the morning of nov. 8th and find them selves NOT in the white house! People are waking up in larger numbers, and the dems are sure doubling down on the push for socialism and all the other radical stuff, people are going to decide they don't want/need it and send them packing!
It's interesting that even after Anti-Gunners were schooled about their hatred for guns with Clinton's assault ban, they still are always ready to learn those same old lessons over again & again.

The assault weapon ban clearly proved that going after so-called 'assault weapons' did nothing to lower the crime level, because most criminals don't arm themselves with these type weapons. Yet as usual some folks simply are unable to learn & must therefore continue to make the same old mistakes

One interesting thing I did notice all those years ago, the tables piled high with hi cap mags never seemed to get low on inventory, even by the last year of the ban


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