The GSX 100 is not like the Glock 19 Gen 3 frame, although there is some similarities I really like the way the grip feels, the ever dreaded Glock hump is not present, the frame is solid, it's a Gen 3 format, I heard before I got the frame that it had very tight tolerances, and boy it's true, you have to be careful installing your pins,....

I used a Overwatch precision polydat trigger, it's the polymer version, I used an oem Glock connector, my slide is a custom Heavy armor Division Aeriel Slide, with a aftermarket barrel, a Glock store tungsten barrel spring 18 lb, I like the way it came out, need to get range time in next! IMG_20220118_195616538.jpg IMG_20220118_195552243.jpg IMG_20220118_195310159.jpg IMG_20220118_195110730.jpg IMG_20220118_195310159.jpg IMG_20220118_195132994.jpg

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