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Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico announced her intention to call a special session of the state legislature this July (to start July 18) with a focus on public safety which the Governor's critics say is a dog whistle for gun control.

The Killeen Daily Herald and the National Association For Gun Rights write:
"Earlier this month, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed two gun control bills into law:
  • A 7-day waiting period on firearms purchases
  • A polling place gun ban
However, the Governor of the "Land of Enchantment" is calling legislators back to their offices for a mid-summer special session to tackle a slew of anti-gun measures that could include:
  • Expanding New Mexico's "Red Flag" Gun Confiscation law
  • Two-week waiting period on firearm purchases
  • Ban on so-called "assault weapons"
  • 18-20 year-old ban on firearm purchases and transfers
  • 11% excise tax for all firearms-related purchases
  • "Gun-Free" Zones in public parks and playgrounds
  • Repealing New Mexico's preemption law – allowing localities to pass their own gun control laws
Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham declared a "public health emergency" late last year, which included suspending the right to carry firearms in some parks in playgrounds.

Her declaration was met with steep pushback from gun owners and the National Foundation for Gun Rights even filed a lawsuit against the Governor within 24 hours of the announcement, halting enforcement of the declaration.

With New Mexico's primaries on June 4th and the entire House and Senate up for election in November, this mid-summer special session could be the deciding factor as to who goes back to their offices in Santa Fe in 2025."
The gun free areas in the past have proven less than successful.
All it takes is one delusioned person with a firearm to create more havoc. Does the left really think that a law is going to keep people safe?
None of this has anything to do with crime. Gun control in general has always been about people control.

If the powers that be want more power, they have to take it from the people.

One way is to indoctrinate students into believing socialism/communism is the way to go and deprive all citizens from owning firearms...................... Mission accomplished.
I live in NM, our governor enjoys a full security detail and so she understandably feels safe. Maybe this is why she is so progressive in her gun control pursuits.

I am a strong 2nd amendment person and I'm fine with a 7 day waiting period even if I'm not nuts about it. As for guns at polling, I do believe she is attempting to make it illegal for gun rights advocates to park at a polling site with their guns in display (intimidating?) but this would also disarm poll works. I'm fine with it being illegal to brandish or display a weapon at polling sites and think this makes sense. Who has poll worker's backs if a nut goes off?

She is also attempting to outlaw ARs, some if not all but whomever is writing the legislation language appears to understand very little about how firearms work and just how many different types of guns beyond ARs their proposed legislation would include.

Being anti-gun is one thing, being ignorant is another....Ironically our state no longer believes in qualified immunity for law enforcement, so where do you think our crime numbers have gone? Is this really the time to disarm our citizens? Just saying....

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