Arizona Giffords urges lawmakers to enact reasonable gun restrictions

PHOENIX -- Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and husband Mark Kelly have a message for Arizona lawmakers: Enact reasonable gun restrictions or we'll help elect people who will.

And if necessary, Kelly, co-founder of Americans for Responsible Solutions with Giffords, said the group will take its case directly to voters.

At a press conference Thursday to launch the Arizona Coalition for Common Sense, Kelly acknowledged the political hurdles here.

"Arizona is different,'' he said, with a long history of -- and relationship with -- firearms. "Arizona could be a tricky state when you consider this.''

Kelly said the first line of attack is to try to change policy. He said that involves convincing lawmakers that a majority of Arizonans want to close what some call the gun show "loophole'' that exempts people who buy weapons from another individual from having to go through the same background check as they would if purchasing a firearm from a licensed dealer.
Giffords urges lawmakers to enact reasonable gun restrictions
Gabby and the Space Man need to just clam up. I will never understand the mind set of those that have some tragedy happen to them, then use that personal tragedy to infringe on the rights of everyone else.

Message to all Americans - your personal tragedy does not give you the right to step on everyone else's rights. Move on with your life, stop blaming everyone else for your pain - it's childish.
Im sorry I can't read that totally fabricated trash filled with lies. Besides would you take the word of someone who has had a bullet in the head. She use to be one of the only democrats that supported the right to bare arms. Her husband has given up all his guns to cater to his lead crazed wife. If i ever take a bullet to the head and start babbling about gun control somebody put me out of my misery.
Just like celebrities and athletes who suddenly care about a health issue when they have a child or other family members affected by it.....could give a darn about autism or cancer until their child has it then it's all about "don't you care enough to donate?" .
Yeah , when my kid gets it !


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