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Discussion in 'Utah Reviews' started by Squidgie, Feb 20, 2012.

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    In January, I decided to order an H&R Handi Rifle. After shopping around, I found two shops that offered the same price to on the rifle I wanted. However, Get Some (Murray) claimed that their version came with a scope, for $20 more than their competitor was quoting. Between the scope and rings, I figured it was worth $20.

    I made ABSOLUTELY certain that the salesman understood I was only ordering through them because of the scope and rings; and made him verify 3 times, that the scope really was included. Once he assured me nothing could go wrong, I had him place the order.

    When the rifle came in, there was no scope and no rings. :mad: And.. the person that opened the box for inspection had put the lock back in the wrong place, which allowed it to cause multiple deep gouges to the fore end.
    There was an extremely complicated, lengthy exchange between myself, the salesman, and a manager. The details do not matter, but the general flow of the conversation and outcome do.

    The salesman wanted me to still pay full price for the rifle, even though it was not what I wanted.
    I, essentially, told the salesman to eat it. I called my credit card company, while standing in front of him, and had them charge back the deposit on the rifle.
    At that point, the manager got involved.
    The manager and salesman insisted that they would get in trouble if they sold the rifle for less than what they quoted me. When I pointed out that the quote was for a rifle that included a scope and rings, they inferred that it was somehow MY fault; and that I needed to pay full price. :eek:

    I pointed out to them that Get Some caters to mall ninjas and the tacticool crowd, and won't in 10 years, sell a .444 Marlin H&R Handi Rifle. They understood they were screwed, but still wouldn't come down on the price... :confused:

    For more than 45 minutes, they insisted I had to pay full price for the rifle, since the model number on the box was the model number I wanted.
    That's true, but H&R used the same model number for a 2011 model that had no scope, and a 2012 model that DID have a scope.

    In the end, we found out what the problem was...
    The salesman had gone by the PICTURE on the distributor's website, when he insisted that the rifle came with a scope.

    Ridiculous? Yes.

    Even more ridiculous?... It took 2.5 hours dealing with the salesman and a manager, before they finally gave me the rifle at the same price as their competitors. They never did compensate me for the lost time or frustration, though.

    And.. I didn't buy the rifle from them because I they finally came down on the price. Due to the frustration they caused (due to misleading me), they owed me more. I bought the rifle because it was the ONLY one available in this region of the country. Since Get Some had it, no one else would have been able to get one.

    Once I saw that the rifle didn't have a scope I didn't want to do business with them this time, but I had to to get my rifle. However... I will NEVER do business with them, again.
    I know many people love them, due to their indoor range; but my latest experience with them was incredibly bad.
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    Wow... I have NEVER liked Get Some Guns and Ammo.. I have never been treated well when I go in that store. I'm usually ignored or treated like a total idiot. I have NEVER purchased anything from them and I assure you, I never will. If I roll into a gun store and I'm not treated like a real person by a friendly sales staff that store is immediately black listed for me. I will not give those people my business. Lucky for me there are plenty of other places to by guns in this area.

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