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Hi guys some may know me from I moved from Portland Or to AZ about 5 months ago and love everything about it. The only down side was not having northwestfirearms I had been with that site from when it was first launched. I became a member of several firearm sites down here and they are alright but not the same layout or rules or anything like that. I am stoked that southwestfirearms is available now. Tanks Joey!!!
I moved to AZ with my g/f because well, we got tired of the rain, and were looking for a new change. We had both visited AZ and loved it. We have been here 5 months now and love it even more then visiting. The guns laws and people are way more relaxed here. There is more stuff to do since it doesnt rain 300 days a year here.
Thanks for having me on this new site.
Haha no way man, welcome! I saw your username and wondered if it was the same guy from the early days of NWFA, that's awesome it is you. Thanks for the kind words about NWFA. The reason I started this is because people seemed so happy with NWFA, and because my GF and I are thinking about making that same move. Hopefully you'll stick around and help this place grow like you did with NWFA ;)

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