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Hi, my name's ed.

I live in Northern Nevada, just down the lee slope from Lake Tahoe. I'm pretty much a life-long shooter, I have shot competitively but no longer do so. I still like trips to the range, about fifteen minutes away and $2 buys you all day. I don't hunt, being far too old and fat to drag a bloody carcass back to the truck, too lazy to dress it out, and too cheap to have it butchered professionally.

My military service (US Army) includes stints with the Parachute Infantry and Field Artillery and tours in Panama and Germany. At Ft. Campbell, I coached my battalion's (2/320 FA) pistol team. I took them to fourth place in the 101st Airborne Division in '81 (I took second place in three categories and was picked up by the Division's pistol team), then in '82, we took third and I Legged.

I have fired handguns in most calibers up to .44 Mag and .45 ACP--although I have yet to shoot a .40 cal or 10mm. I have fired, but have not a lot of use for, the 9mm. The largest civillian rifle I've fired is 30-06, but I vastly prefer the 8mm. I have 12ga and 20ga shotguns.

In the military I personally fired: High Standard .22, .38 special, .45 M1911a1, M-14, M-16, M-79 and M-203 grenade launchers (I prefer the Thumper), M-1200 12ga shotgun, M-60 and M-2 .50 cal machine guns, M-67 90mm recoilless rifle, M-72 LAW, and M102 105mm and M109a2 155mm howitzers. There's probably one or two I forgot somewhere along the line. FNFAL? Don't really remember--I didn't bring a whole lot of memories back from Panama in the early '70's, if you get my drift...especially after some person of low morals PCS'ed right before I did and stole my carefully assembled and labelled photo album.

I have spent a large portion of my life working on the Circulation/Distribution side of the newspaper industry (leave it to me to work my way into a dying industry...) although factory work runs a close second, followed by retail. Right now, I work at nothing. I was laid off my job at a vending company two and a half hears ago and they just don't seem to be hiring fat white guys pushing sixty around here.

Anything else you want to know? I'd give you the password to my bank account except I no longer HAVE a bank account. Not really feelin' this Hope and Change thing...I Hope it Changes for the better in November.



FOGNP? Freakin' Old Guy in a New Place.

Wow, nice intro! Welcome to SWFA :)

Sounds like you've had quite the experiences with all sorts of fun toys. Thanks for your service. I've always wanted to fire one of those M-series machine guns or a recoilless rifle. Maybe some day I can find a place that rents one.

My girlfriend Jen and I have thought about moving to NV or AZ for quite some time now, the job market is the only thing that really worries me.

Hope you enjoy the site!

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