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    First time to the site so as requested some of my background.
    A farmboy from Ohio, US ARMY, National Guard, ARMY Reserve, and Special Duty 1973 -2004.
    Retired State Police Trooper, US Marshall, and Special Agent.
    A current part-time contractor for the government.
    GUN NUT, hunter, SCUBA DIVER, Pilot, off-road enthusiast.
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    Sounds like you'll fit right in! Welcome :D
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    Your CV is impressive, but these two get my attention. US Marshalls are the guys who go anywhere within the US borders to capture a fugitive no matter how good he is at evasion and capture, and no matter what weapons he has to avoid capture. There was a driver where I worked about seven years ago who became a Marshall. He was a flabby 324 pounds and had nowhere near the speed and balance on his feet as would have a figure skater. He came back to our shop about nine months later for a brief visit. He was still 324 pounds, but it was muscle-- Uncle had pared-off the fat and made him a lean, mean fugitive-capturing machine. He said it was dam-ned tough and that he gave it some thought about quitting and coming back to truckdriving. But he hung in there, made it through and now he was doing something truly beneficial for the country. I salute you men who go after our worst criminals. It has to take more guts than I'll ever have...

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