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Fibs, Outright lies, and Stats

My humblest apology to those unknown 1800’s English statesmen or journalist... but I personally have grown extremely weary with both sides of the firearm fracas either making up or misuse the self defence/ownership/crime/shooting/ad nauseam stats to proof their specific ‘for or against’ point in the discussion.

This stated, it brings up a flaming question of whose study/research/ad nauseam stats can any side trust as viable/repeatable/usable for our discussions?

Further, who should root out the data in the first place initially, e.g.,academicians/government/special interest/ad nauseam?

Finally, who ‘blesses’ the data to assure it was collected properly from wide ranging areas and sufficent participants as well as assure appropriate study methodology were used?

An interesting read from REASON about firearm SD stats shows the quandary, How to Count the Defensive Use of Guns

Group’s rampant hyperbole runs throughout the article and would be quite humorous if their arugment didn’t have some semblance of truth associated with the accusations.

What? You don't believe the polls of 500 randomly selected Democrat libtards who have never fired or owned a firearm? As you are 47 times more likely to shoot a family member than a bad guy. It's all how you word it. A few years ago the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Ownership did a poll saying child death rates due to firearms is sky rocketing. What they did was take the age one becomes an adult,18 and change it to 26. Now they could include most all drug and gang related shootings.

You can also thank these people for the scare words, Saturday Night Special, Plastic Gun, my favorite Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle, Cop Killing Gun, and Cop Killing Bullet what ever those are. I tried to find out but all three links they gave went nowhere. You see it takes a lot of fear to muster the donations to keep Sarah Brady living in the lifestyle she is accustom. $900,000 a year last I heard she takes off the top of her non profit organization. I strongly believe if this con revolved around anything other that disarming America this B and her partners in crime would have been jailed way back when they called themself Hand Gun Control.

The group changed their name to honor the Brady's and it didn't have anything to do with a group of pro Second Amendment people buying all their domain names and putting real gun stats on these web sights plus some good laughs as rolling into a fetal position if attacked and soon your attackers will tire of beating you and move on to another family member or how neighborhood watch would show up and watch.

The terrorist attack at Fort Hood the Brady Bunch said if mass shootings can happen at a military base with all their arms the statement 'more guns less crime' is a lie. Bill Clinton made all military bases inside the US gun free zones in the 90's so who was doing the lying. If you go to their web page you will see the only thing that will save you from that 165 grain hollow core, ceramic saturday night plastic, cop killing bullet coming out the business end of a cop killing magnum at 25,000 foot a second is Sarah.But Sarah is a busy woman so donate now, donate a lot, and donate often. Donate.
Alas, please do not leverage all your animosity at just the ‘93 illustrious & infamous Brady crowd, remember he did take one for the gipper!

The NRA, NSSF, Gabby’s group, Women against everything, youn’s March group, PEW, John’s stats, the lack of stats from the CDC, ad nauseam, but of course then you have the fibbers in congress.

So whom to believe?
Don't forget, a mass shooting starts at three people according to the gov't. And any shooting at a school whether it be negligent discharge by resource officer, janitor committing suicide, teachers firearm discharging when they put it in the glove box etc. counts as "School Shootings!"


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