Favorite holster for my SR22

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    Wow. This is the coolest, most flexible holster I've ever owned, or seen for that matter. The top two straps have male and female snaps, as shown in the photo. What's not obvious is that BOTH of these straps' lengths are controlled by where they attach to their individual hooks-and-loops strips. It comes with a thin, flexible strip about five inches by 1 inch. You slip that between the hooks and loops parts and the strap moves freely. Adjust its length, slip that strip out, and press the hooks and loops together, fixing the length of that strap. Do the same with the other strap and you've got a holster that is customized to your pistol. My Ruger SR22 fits snugly, and the snap has just the right tension and position for a safe hold that is easily opened to get the pistol out. This is a great little holster at a good price. See it at Amazon: search for "Holster with Magazine Pouch for RUGER SR22 Without Laser Sight"


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