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WTS ARIZONA Clearing out the safe. Lots of pistols for sale. Take a look!

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Located in Payson. I have the following revolver and magazine for sale. For the revolver, you will need to fill out and sign a Bill of Sale stating you are not a felon, and are not prohibited from owning a firearm. I'll need to document your valid AZ DL as well. If you have a current CWP, that is even better. This Bill of Sale will stay in my possession. I will also provide a copy of my info to you.

- H&R model 929 "Sidekick" 22lr 9 shot revolver. Manufactured in 1978. Functions perfectly in single or double action. This is a solid little revolver, and would make a great tackle box kit gun for someone. AZ residents only. See pics below. Asking $200 cash.

- CZ 9mm/.40 nickle plated magazine. Purchased from CZ Custom. Holds 17 rounds of 9mm or 12 rounds of 40S&W. These are $43 plus tax new (and are currently showing out of stock). Fits the CZ 75B, SP-01 series pistols. Does not fit the Tactical Sport, or the P07/P09/P10C. See pics below. I'll take $25 cash, or will ship to a state w/out magazine capacity limits for $30 PayPal.

Hmmmm......I can't get the photos to post for some reason. PM me, and I can text them to you if interested. Thanks!
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