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Who's been out there since they re-opened ??

I used to go out there before they made the new shooting facilities & quit going because of the unsafe practices of others... Started going to Ben Avery instead.

Curious about your thoughts on the SAFETY of the new facility ?? Are people still acting like knuckleheads ? Thx
Safet sucks. RSOs are volunteer with no authority. Anyone gives them crap, law enforcement is either BLM 2 officers for a couple million acres and they contracted with Forest service 2 more agents, that already have a few million acres to cover. Cell phone service is spotty, depending on carrier and location within the range so if you decide to call any of those 4 LEOs, you may not have a signal. RSO are primarily there on weekends when it is crowded and usually not there are weekdays when you can go and not be bothered by unsafe idiots. They are not well maintained, they do not paint the targets anywhere near often enough, so they primarily attract FUDDS, and other unsafe variants.

Other than that, they have been installing tables on the rifle ranges, so people are not loading their firearms in their trunks and pickup beds behind the firing.

So, in my opinion they still suck and are unsafe.

Oh yeah, the tweekers climb the fence at night and steal the brass, so you can't even get a cache of brass to reload from the FUDDS.

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