WTS ARIZONA Chirico archery compound

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    Why am I selling this? Occasionally I get a good deal on something I want to do a review on but I am physically unable to use it. My shoulders are shot, in no uncertain terms.

    So reality is, I have a brand new, never shot, never outside except when it came in the house compound bow package I cant use

    It looks like a compound bow mounted on a wrist rocket. It does not require an arm guard because if its design. Its a draw, point like a sling shot with sights and shoot.

    Set for 65lb draw but adjustable, draw length I believe is 30 inches, but that is adjustable as well according to the factory web page.

    Fiber optic front sight, rear sight, whisker biscuit rest, and a release. All brand new in Kryptec Highlander


    It is NOT a crossbow, it is a compound, you have to draw it like any other bow, its just mounted on the grip at 90 degrees so your wrist muscles are in a more natural state

    Its linked to my web page, I want $750 shipped for the whole package, bow, release and arrows, 100% never used

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