That is what you call someone who has taken an oath to honor and rule by the Constitution and has broken his word every time he has taken it for over 45 years. talking down to the document.I don't need to go into detales because if there is one group that knows the real facts on gun contril it's this group.. Crusty Cheating Joe may no longer have a mind but when it comes to freedom and Right to Bare Arms Crusty can still cry those big tears at a drop of the hat. A TYRANT is one who takes the oath to a document then screams about destroying it. And he isn't doing it to save you or me or anybody else. The type of Gun Grabbers:

1. Greedy Sarah Brady would make up what ever would scar you.......and make you realize the only thing that could save you from that ceramic, hollow core, cop killing bullet on a ball and chain coming at your head at 25,000 foot per second was Sarah. But Sarah was a busy woman so donate now. donate big, and donate offten. It takes a lot of donations to keep the darlin of DC living the life style she was accustom. Fear words most all coined in the back room of the Brady group. Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle, Semi Automatic Assault Pistol, Plastic Gun, Saturday Night Special, Cop killing Gun, Cop killing Gins. The only reason for a .50 caliber bolt action rifle is for criminals to shoot passinger jets out of the sky. My father had 6 of these guns, all on his Mustang and he had a hard time just shooting a prop driven BF-109 out of the sky This Group still pay their management way to much Sarah Brady would take $900,00.00 a year off the to of those donations plus $5,000 to show up with her machine gun toting bodyguards back when she wheeled Side Show Brady around. because guys in wheel chairs are victims and people in wheel chairs don't lie. She could sling those lies too.

The Center put out a scar saying gun deaths were skyrocketing among children. I knew this had to be a lie and started cheaking. The Center took the age one becomes an adult, 18 and moved it to 26. Now the number of child deaths would include most gang and drug deaths, skyrocketing!? When the terrorist attack happened on Fort Hood the Brady Center said on national media if this many deaths can happen on as well armed place as a fort the saying more guns less crime is nothing but a lie. No not telling Bill Clinton made ever base inside the US 'Gun Free Zones in the 90's was the lie all the media went with and they never did tell the truth.

Remember when to honor the Bradys they were changing their name from Hand Gun Control to the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violance. That was a lie too. Some pro gun group bought all the domain names surrounding Hand Gun Control. All the web pages gave real gun stats. It was also real funny How you don't need a gub because Block Watch would show up and watch. As long as you stayed limp and made go agressive move in an hour or so your attackers would tire of beating you and move on to another family member. One of these gun grabbers was robbed and x-rays confermed a bottel of Geritol was insurted into him. There was nothing eles these gun grabbers could do but cry.

2. Idiot. Believe it or not there are people that every time they are around firearms they are dangerous idiots with no kind of responabilty. They are as stupid as democRats. These boxes of rocks wouldn't have the sense to rattle if shaken but smart enought to not be around firearms and they think everyone is as wreakless as they are

3. Beto "I'll get your rifles, This is my gun I put it up me to have a lot of fun" and "Hell ya will take your AR-15's and AK-47's" Convicted felons already can't own weapons so taking guns from everyone won't effect Beto unless he steals some from you.

4. Power craving tyrants, like Cry me a River Biden. I have no doughty this old mindless thug ripped off this election and should be hung He cheated the vote and sure didn't win in Arizona. I have seen fraud in more than one state. But lets face it when the Supreme Court found the ' Affordable' Care Act Constitutional I put two and two together and got democrats own that court. Biden getting millions of more votes than any president in the last 100 years. Come on we are talking of someone who can't put together two sentances but wants guns gone and just because he has taken an oath to the Constitution has nothing to do with the number of times he took the oath. I don't understand why his tital has THE HONORABLE in it. There is nothing honorable about him and a cheating liar too. Harris and Beto have a lot more energy that obama ever did. One thing for sure, Tyrants can't reach their greatness with an armed population and there is a reason they want to ban a type of weapon used less than a hammer to kill.

Our Founders knew the biggest threat to freedom and liberty. So does Joe's puppet masters. The weapons that would pose the biggest threat to Tyrants disobeying their order. I didn't say military. As a matter of fact I believe the military and the People of this nation are the only chance we have at a free country. If not we will disarm and bow down.

The people of every nation on Earth has warned us on disarming When hand guns murder so many why do they want semi- auto rifles. It isn't rocket science. When guns are outlawed I will be an outlaw. Unconstitutional laws are passed they are not laws. I want my children and grand children to enjoy the same freedoms I enjoyed and I'm old enough to give it anything it takes to make it happens. Governments love groups that have their members on a list weather it's a church group or a militia on a list of importance making it a simple task of government to end any organization that might pose them a threat

Do a web search on 'Leaderless Resistance' written by an Army Officer in the 60's He hated Communist and knew if Communist attacked they would take land. At first and what your best option of what works and what government fear most. Don't give up on the greatest nation ever on this Earth. GIVE ME LIBERTY OR I'LL KILL YA TILL YOU'RE DEAD!
Why would a government want to disarm a peaceful, law-abiding People? 'Bout the only reason I can dream-up is that the government has nefarious plans for that People that would cause the People to use their guns on the government once the People become aware of those plans. Joe BiteMe and Bunghole O'Rourke want to disarm us before they enslave us to their liberal dreamworld of tyranny. The American People of 1787 saw this coming, and so had the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution before it was ratified into law on December 19, 1791.
We know they are elected to govern, they think they can rule.
The disconnect is what concerns me.
Lets see how the feeding frenzy about Cuomo goes. First he lies about and has a hand in killing old folks. Then he can not keep his hands to himself. Bet the comments and touching hurts him and they sweep the other part away

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