Our favorite enviro-whacko organization as filed to re-introduce grizzlies to the following states: Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Specific locations mentioned include California’s Sierra Nevada, the Selway-Bitterroot in Idaho and Montana, and the Grand Canyon.

[Update] Enviro Group Intends to Sue, Wants Grizzlies in 12 Lower 48 States | Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (

Keep in mind, the CBD is con game that uses the Equal Access to Justice Act to file frivolous lawsuits such as this to make money. The Equal Access to Justice Act was passed during the Carter Administration and the peanut farmer signed it into law. It allows organizations or individuals to sue the federal government for redress of grievances and still get paid legal fees even when they lose. The CBD has raked in tens of millions of dollars in legal fees by suing the government over and over again. It is primarily a group of lawyers here in Tucson that is richer than the state.

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