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As the title suggests...

I can't upload anything. It results in the following not-so-helpful error:

The only common theme between multiple errors is that all of the file names included capital letters.
Otherwise, there were many differences (symbols, capital "JPEG", mixed "Jpeg" "jPEG", "jpeg", etc).
I had the same problem. I tried big images, small images, sub-50kb images, no dice. I eventually just gave up and went the photobucket route, but it would be nice if it would work and save the time of going through photobucket every time I want to upload a pic.
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Tried approximately 10 more images, with varying file names and naming schemes (numbers, capital letters, lowercase letters, different file types, etc).

...Same error, every time.
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I'm still unable to upload any pngs, jpegs, bmps, gifs, etc; whether I'm using IE or Chrome.
The latest failure was with the following image:

...Nothing special. Just a jpeg with standard file name formatting, albeit a little long.
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Hmm, that really is quite unhelpful. I'll see if I can find it in a log. Did you try multiple images?
Would be nice if one could simply post pics as this; What the hey? I just posted and the pic came up. I tried this last night and it would not work , was something changed?would sure save a lot of problems
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