Kelly Johnson and the Skunk Works designed the SR-71 Blackbird in 1964 with slide rules. I doubt the machine ever suffered from any "software failures" that kept it out of action...
I started my life with slide rules. I welcomed computers as did all others I would presume.
I started my life with slide rules. I welcomed computers as did all others, I would presume.
No question computers opened-up new engineering possibilities about which slide rules could never even dream. But for something as simple as a mechanical combination lock on a gunsafe versus a digital lock, I'd go with the mechanical. Chances are that Steve McQueen is not going to break into your garage and cut open your safe with the "burning bar" he used in whatever was the name of that movie...
How do you guys with multiple mechanical safes remember the combos? I loaned one to a friend years ago and have since forgotten. May as well just be his, but all the same.

I have three mechanical combo safes. In addition to having the combos on a “notepad” on my phone I keep the combos hidden close by in case I have a brain fart and can’t remember the combo.

If I were to lose my phone or something, in one room in TEENY TINY writing on the top edge of a picture frame is the combo for the safe in that room. In another room I have it written in TEENY TINY writing on the top of the door frame molding.

I also leave two of them with the first two numbers already cycled and merely have to turn the dial in the correct direction to the last digit on two of the safes, and the main safe combo is burned into my memory since I access that one all the time.


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