Brass, primers and 9mm bullets - At Lake Mead now, Yuma in about 2 weeks

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I'm planning on downsizing from my 40' bus to a truck camper this winter so I have shed some weight. I'm currently at Lake Mead for about two weeks and then passing through Lake Havasu City on my way down to QuartSite or Yuma, AZ for the winter. If you are within an hour of those areas I can drive and meet you.

SOLD - 308 Brass - $50 shipped for a medium flat rate box containing: 87 Auila, 70 MKE, 100 CBC, 179 Winchester, 28 LC LR, and 228 Mixed (not above brands or LC/FC). I bought a 900 piece box from and sorted by head stamp. I'm keeping the LC/FC to reload and selling the rest. Some of these have been deprimed but you'll have to treat as range pickups. They are in gallon ziplock bags by the brands above.

SOLD 9mm - $60 shipped for a Full Medium flat rate box of mixed cases. I bought these, probably from, and deprimed and wet tumbled. I decided I have more than enough loaded 9mm so I am selling.SOLD

ALL 223 BRASS SOLD - 223 brass - $65 shipped for a Full Medium flat rate box of processed mixed cases. I bought 10k cases from a listing here and processed them on my Dillon 1050 with autodrive. They were deprimed, primer pocket swaged, resized and trimmed with a Dillon trimmer set to 1.750", and the last step is a neck sizing die. After the Dillon they were wet tumbled w/ stainless steel pins and dried in a brass dryer. I bought the brass dryer new for this batch and the cases didn't come out as spot free as when I used a towel and fans in the past. All cases will be 1.750" or less and pass a case gauge.

I have 4 Full Medium flat rate boxes ready to ship. I also have a partial box which isn't worth shipping but will sell for $20 FTF as part of a bigger sale.

[ALL PRIMED BRASS SOLD] 223 brass primed - In addition to the above 223 I also have approximately 4500 pieces that has been primed with CCI 400 primers on the Dillon. These are only for face to face transactions, no shipping. $100 for 2000 pcs, $125 for 2500 pcs or $200 for both.

Pictures available upon request.

[ALL PRIMERS SOLD] Primers - all in original packaging, kept in climate controlled house.

CCI 200 Lg Rifle - 1100 for $22.00
CCI BR-2 Lg Rifle - 1000 for $30.00
Winchester WLR - 1000 for $20.00
CCI 500 Small Pistol - 8000 for $160.00
CCI 400 Small Rifle - 3300 for $66.00
CCI 41 - 1100 for $33.00

SOLD 9mm Bullets SOLD

$115 shipped USPS Flat rate or FTF in the Lake Mead to Yuma, AZ area.

Berry's 115gr RN - 1 sealed box of 1000 plus approx. 368 in a ziplock

Hornady HAP 115gr - 300 in 3 sealed bags plus a handful of loose

Hornady XTP 147gr - approx 86 in a ziploc

Speer GDHP 124gr - approx 65 in a ziploc

Berry's 124gr RN - approx 89 in a ziploc

All bullets are new, not pulldowns. All approx qtys are by weighing bullets and rounding down.
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