Hickenlooper to MAIG: Stay the Hell Out of Colorado, Mkay?

By Dan Zimmerman on October 14, 2013
This won’t make the diminutive dictatorial dean of disarmament happy. Not at all. With a third recall effort under way in the Centennial State, Governor John Hickenlooper has let it be known – in no uncertain terms – that he thinks members of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex should stay out of his state for a while. As quotes him, ”Colorado is a state that people like to be themselves and solve their own problems. . . . They don’t really like outside organizations meddling in their affairs, and maybe the NRA gets a pass on that.” Bummer. It’s not like Mayor Mike has statistics, public opinion or a winning, persuasive personality on his side. If he can’t throw some of his endless stash of cash at a problem, what’s a dedicated gun-grabber to do? And why is Hickenlooper more now than he was during the Morse and Giron were recalls? . . .

Simple. First, he didn’t believe Coloradans were really pissed off enough to toss two powerful state senators over a little thing like losing some of their gun rights. Oh, and one more thing…this time the Senate’s at stake: If Republicans succeed in gaining (Senator Evie Hudak’s) seat, Democrats would lose their 18-17 edge in the state Senate.
Petition organizers have until Dec. 3 to collect 18,900 signatures. “They’re well-funded and there’s a lot of energy behind this, a lot of frustration,” Hickenlooper said. “I’m going to guess it’s probably 50-50″ that they will be able to get the recall vote on the ballot.
But, he noted, “I didn’t think they’d get enough signatures for the first two.”So given what happened to the last two ardent gun-grabbers whose fates were put before their constituents after they voted to restrict their natural, fundamental and Constitutional right to armed self defense, Hickenlooper figures the optics of a bunch of east coast lefties trying to affect Colorado politics won’t be any better this time around.
“But (it is) probably not a bad idea” for gun-control groups, such as the one established by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, to curb their efforts if gun-rights activists collect enough signatures to force a recall vote on state Sen. Evie Hudak, a two-term Democrat from a suburban district north of Denver, he said.
Sorry Mayor Mike. Looks like neither you nor your billions are welcome out in flyover country. The good governor would just as soon you STFU and hold onto your money. At least until all this recall talk blows over
There should be recall petitions circulating in ever single place the leftists are taking away rights. Gun rights. The right to peaceful assembly. The right to work. The right to worship. It’s obvious the need for “lockdown” is now past. I get it, people were scared and uncertain. Now we know what’s going on and these fools want to play dicktators. Well, it’s time to remind them all that they WORK FOR the citizens and not COMMAND them.

Tyranny in all forms must stop. Recall them all!
I left California because of their gun grabbing and 2nd Amendment restrictions. It became apparent we had to find a new home when we saw the government arrest law abiding citizens for protecting themselves and free illegal alien criminals that have committed some of the most heinous acts imaginable, then provide them with drivers licenses, food stamps, welfare and then hide them from thee federal government who will prosecute and deport them. The families that have controlled CA for the last 50 years have to go. The Pelosi's, the Newsomes, the Browns, and one or two more. These people have become wealthy feeding at the public trough at taxpayer expense.

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