I think Fryxell and his friends suffer from the same issue I have:
Short articles, and even moderately-long articles, aren't terribly difficult to put in writing in a cohesive manner.
But, when you start trying to take 30+ years worth of articles, thoughts, observations, and "gut feeling" anecdotal evidence, and cram it into a book... it's a lot harder than it sounds, and a huge amount of work. Sometimes it's best to just share the information, without having to put the effort into reorganizing, compiling, proof-reading, publishing, and everything else required to get it into print. Other times, it doesn't hurt to use the information to just draw some web traffic.

Yes, that was my unofficial endorsement of the Fryxell book. It's a great resource. ;)

Don't forget the rest of the site,, or In my opinion, they are the premier general-knowledge casting resources on the internet. There may be better, more specialized resources elsewhere, but those two site are the best "all around" repositories.

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